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What is webhosting?


When you make a site and need other individuals to see it, you will need to distribute (or transfer) it with a web facilitating administration. Webhosting services work by storing your site records in high- web server joined with a quick system. When somebody searches for your site, the Internet interfaces with the web server holding your site documents and exchanges your site data once more to their machine. This allows the users to surf and access another page on your website.


How to pay for Webhosting with OKPay


First you would need to register an online account with OKPAY, which would be the link between you and us as the quick service providers. Once you have this account, all you need to do is add enough money to your online account and use this to pay what you desire online. We do not store your credit or visa card details as this is an e-payment that is free of swiping any cards.


Benefits of getting webhosting from us


OKPAY is more flexible than its rival and is the leader in terms of allowing e-payments that happen quickly and are satisfactory to the customer. If you run your business on the web, OKPAY permits you to accept bank exchanges, electronic transfers, cash exchanges, telephone payments and much more. These days clients are using it to pay for webhosting and we guarantee you that the foot traffic to your website will be higher than before as upon receiving the payment, we ensure that our qualified team helps you set up you website for hosting immediately.

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