Buy web hosting with PayPal

Web hosting and PayPal payment method.

Each web host offers various types of hosting plans. They differ based on the server space, bandwidth and website builder tools just to mention a few.   The server space is in terms of megabytes.  Simple websites don’t need a lot of space so several websites may share one server. This is called shared server hosting. Bandwidth and all other server resources are shared. Should one site consume more bandwidth, the rest is left to share the remainder. Dedicated servers are suitable for websites with higher traffic like eCommerce sites. This is a bit costly because all the server resources are dedicated to one website.  Web hosting with PayPal allows you to pay for web hosting services using PayPal

PayPal payment system

PayPal is an online payment system that allows subscribers to send and receive money.  It is as simple as supplying your email, your pin number and credit card to pay for a transaction. With their new app you can now send money to anyone with a mobile number or an email address.  To become a subscriber, just open a PayPal account.

Web hosting with PayPal 

Web hosting with PayPal
means that the web host has used PayPal at the point of sale to pay for hosting services.   The web hosts accept credit card, debit card and PayPal accounts directly on their website without using a merchant account. Web hosting with PayPal makes it easy for the customers. Once your transaction has been confirmed by email we will activate your hosting service immediately.

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