Buy web hosting with BitCoin

Web Hosting with Bit Coin

Web hosts are companies that own servers and rents out web space on the server to websites. This is called webhosting. Although webhosting is the core business of web hosting companies, there are other services they offer.  Some webhosts buy server space from a major webhosting company and resell it under their own brand. This is called reseller hosting. A modern day website consists of three main parts, domain name, hosting servers and site files. Your domain name is a way for people and computers to call your WebPages (site files) from the server they are stored in.

Bit Coin as a payment method

This is a payment method that uses peer to peer technologies to operate and has no central authority that manages transactions. Bit coin allows users that could not be covered by other online payment system. Issues of bit coins are carried out collectively by the bit coin network.  When a user opens an account, he gets a bit coin wallet, which has a bit coin address where you can generate more bit coins. A transaction happens when there is a transfer of value between two wallets.  Once confirmed these transactions can’t be reversed.

Bit con web hosting

For domain name and webhosting services, bit coin is one of the unconventional payment methods accepted by some web hosts. Webhosting services include cpanel shared and reseller hosting, SSL certificates, VPS and dedicated servers. For those bit coin customers who require SSD –powered performance and privacy, webhosting with bit coin is designed for them. Webhosting with bit coin offers anonymity and privacy where other online money transfer systems cannot. Another advantage of webhosting with bit coin is that it allows the webhosting companies to offer cheap and affordable hosting plans. With high performance servers, account activation is instant.


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