Buy web hosting with Perfect Money

Web Hosting with Perfect Money

Apart from hosting websites, web hosting companies provide other additional services. These services include domain name registration, SSL certificates and email hosting services just to mention a few.  Some also give you the tools to design your own website. However, there are basic features that each hosting plan should offer. These are:

  • Disk space: the space on the server where your website files will be stored. It is often in megabytes
  • Bandwidth: the amount of data that can be processed on your site. This is basically the internet connectivity to your site. It determines the speed of the website.
  • Uptime: the percentage of time in a year that the hosting server will be running. If it goes off your website goes off too.

Perfect Money

Web hosting with perfect money
means that you will pay for the hosting service using the perfect money. Perfect money is an online money transfer system that allows you to pay in three currencies, namely Euros, dollars and gold (metal). This unique feature differentiates them from other payment methods. They have three accounts called normal, premium and partner accounts.  Their acceptance of all e-currencies makes Webhosting with perfect money easy. Upon making a web hosting with perfect money payment, it takes 30 seconds to be confirmed. Your web hosting account is immediately activated.


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