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Web Hosting and Payza Payment System

When an organization or a company wants to make their business visible on the World Wide Web, they make a website. This website is hosted by a webhosting company. A web host provides you with internet connectivity and space on a server that is leased to the client on a monthly fee. A webhost offers several hosting plans which vary in features and the price per month.  When you buy a hosting plan, you buy space on the server where your WebPages are stored. They make it accessible to people via the internet.  Integrating webhosting with Payza makes it easier for customers to buy hosting plans.

Payza payment method

To pay for a webhosting service, you need to make an online payment and Payza is one of the companies that provide online payment services. Although sending and receiving money online is easy, you want to make sure that your personal and financial information remains confidential. Payza offers customers different types of accounts. The personal starter account, the personal pro account and the business account.   When you open an account with payza you will be asked to create a PIN number. To ensure money doesn’t leave your account without your authorization, the transaction PIN is required for every online transaction.  

Webhosting with payza

The payza business account allows you to integrate payza into third-party applications such as web hosting. Webhosting with Payza allows you to get webhosting services like payza website design, payza domain name registration and Payza webhosting. Webhosting with Payza is quick and you will be activated instantly


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