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What is webhosting?


A term utilized in the IT industry, short for Internet Website Hosting, where there is an online storage space of a website based on specific content on a server that can be accessed by users of the website online. It's entails lodging, serving, and keeping up documents for one or more Web destinations that maintain information about the website that is accessible to users worldwide.


How to pay for Webhosting with Ukash


You need to open an online instant Ukashaccount, and top up your account to utilize it for various online payments easily, and web hosting is the easiest of them. It is not difficult to utilize, you require basically secure a prepaid card or coupon sometime or offer for the obliged sum of the product depending on the cost of the web hosting. We provide coupons of multiples of 5 and the coupons and cards have a 19 digit code that is entered on our site. Once you have selected Ukash as the method of payment, and the amount of the transaction, without using your card details or even asking for them, we immediately process your payments, it is a very quick process.


Benefits of getting webhosting from us


So we partner with many companies like online gamers, social networking sites and allow you to pay using our system without difficulty and guarantee you that your web hosting will work as soon as we process your Ukash payment. Ukash gives the choice of paying online without credit or platinum cards or even bank accounts, allowing transactions to be safer and faster, as well as traceable.

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