Buy web hosting with iDEAL

Web Hosting with iDEAL

QHoster has adopted the iDEAL online payment platform for its web hosting services. iDEAL is an efficient ecommerce payment system that is popular in the Netherlands. Introduced in 2005, iDEAL is based on Internet banking. The system allows users to purchase goods and services on the Internet by means of direct transfer of funds from users’ bank accounts.

iDEAL is a low cost and virtually risk free system for making payments on the Internet. It is beneficial for users as it utilizes the same environment just like their institutions’ online banking sites. iDEAL users profit from a higher level of security that is made possible by the system’s two-factor authentication.

The many payment options are one of the reasons why QHoster is the leading web host in the world. With iDEAL payment method, QHoster customers are able to enjoy immediate online payments for web hosting services. iDEAL enables real time payment confirmation for web hosting services at QHoster.

If you want space on the Internet for your website, publish it at QHoster and pay using any of their many payment methods including iDEAL. The payment platform ensures that none of your important information is shared with the web host including credit card details. 

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