Buy web hosting with Yandex Money

Web Hosting with Yandex Money

QHoster has integrated the Yandex Money platform to make web-hosting services even easier to access. Yandex Money is the largest online payment platform in several countries including Russia, and QHoster is presenting this payment platform for its worldwide consumers to have more secure options to pay for web-hosting services offered at QHoster.

With Yandex Money’s online payment platform, QHoster is continuing with its mission to advance user experience and make web hosting simpler and easier for more users across the world. Yandex Money, like other payment options at QHoster, is designed to offer the safest payment environment for everyone who chooses to get web hosting services at QHoster.

If you are in Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan or in any other part of the world and having a Yandex Money account, do not hesitate to visit QHoster for web-hosting services. QHoster clients paying with Yandex Money are able to enjoy the usual benefits of paying through e-currencies, which include anonymity and security of personal data, as transactions do not require exchange of bank and card details.

Pay for QHoster web hosting services using Yandex Money and enjoy a convenient and timeless transaction. Make your website available to the world the easy way at QHoster using Yandex Money.

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