Buy VPS with OKPay

Buy VPS with OKPay

Providing VPS Hosting

There are many reasons a person or an organization would want to hear and seen by the rest of the world. It could be a personal blog or marketing strategy for a business entity. All of these to be possible you must use services provided by webhosting companies. Their task is to save your website on their servers. The domain name of the website can also be stored on the same server. All this service will attract a certain amount of money. Virtual private server, VPS, is a service offered by web hosting companies. VPS virtualization allows you to be allocated resources that are shared by other users. A part of the resources are dedicated which gives you more power to control your website.

Make Payments with OKPay

You will not be able to access the VPS webhosting services until you pay the fee required. You can use OKPay to pay for the services. OKPay has a 10 minute logout feature which will lock out a client if he takes too long to respond on their online interface.


The system validates each transaction by sending an email to the user. The user has to acknowledge that he is aware of it or it will be terminated. OKPay utilize extended validation SSL certificate for accessing client accounts, this shows it is top notch in terms of security. Once you have acknowledged the transaction, funds will be transferred to the webhosting account and they will send you a verification code to start setting up your website.

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