How to create an email account

Create an e-mail account is done very simple with just few mouse clicks.


1. Enter in the web hosting control panel with provided username and password.
2. Choose “E-mail Accounts” from the “E-mail” section.
3. In the field E-mail: fill the name of the mailbox.
4. From the drop down menu,, select the domain name you want to add e-mail to.
5. In the fields Password: Enter your desired password. In the password (again): confirm password.
6. In the field Mailbox Quota: select mailbox size. The disk space occupied by the mailboxes is part of the total disk space on your hosting package. If you have unlimited e-mail space, select “Unlimited”.
7. Click “Create Account” button. If everything is successful, you’ll see the following inscription:

Created Account

Example: E-mail account [email protected] with username info + and password , with disk quota was successfully created.

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