How to transfer my domain name and web site

To transfer your domain and/or web site to us, it is necessary to place an order through the web site.

Transfer web hosting account

As soon as we receive confirmation of the payment for the order, your web hosting account will be created and you’ll receive full information for access and management of the account on the specified e-mail address.

The necessary steps to transfer the content (e-mails, files, databases) to your hosting account:

  1. Copy the full content of the account and export your database from the servers of the current hosting provider
  2. Upload the content to your new account on the servers of QHoster. Then import the database and if there are any changes, modify the configuration files on your sites
  3. The e-mail accounts with the name of the domain, needs to be created trough the control panel (cPanel). This way you will not have any lost letters during the transfer
  4. After making sure that the site operates without problems, you must change the DNS servers of the domain with those of QHoster:

After 2 to 48 hours from the changes, your site will start to boot from the new location.

Note: If the domain is in process of transfer, change of DNS servers can’t take place. Changing the DNS servers can be made before the request for transfer or after the transfer of the domain is complete.

In case that the current control panel for management of your hosting account is cPanel, the only thing that you need to do is to generate a full backup of the content trough cPanel of the account. Once you provide it to us, we will restore your account in the state he was in your previous hosting provider.

If the described procedure of transfer seems difficult and unclear for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We will assist you in transferring your site and domain.

Domain transfer

Complete details of the conditions for domain transfer, can receive via e-mail.

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