How to install Joomla

First download the latest version of Joomla from Joomla.

Then follow the installation steps below.

  1. Log into your web hosting control panel (cPanel), where you will install Joomla (example -
  2. Click the File manager
  3. Go to folder public_html
  4. To install Joomla in the root directory of the domain skip steps 5 and 6
  5. Make Joomla Folder: a New Folder and in the name field fill the name of the folder
  6. Enter the folder
  7. From the menu select Upload
  8. Choose file to upload (downloaded before starting the installation) from your computer
  9. Once you upload the archive with the Joomla installation, click the link – Return to File manager
  10. Select the archive you uploaded by clicking before the file name and then press Extract from the menu.
  11. Press the Extract File, and after you finish press the Close button.
  12. Open the home page of the Control panel
  13. Click on the MySQL databases icon
  14. In the field New database select the database name that you want
  15. Press the Create database button and after the process completes click Back
  16. In MySQL user menu à Add new user, fill in username and twice the password, click the Create user button. After the procedure of creating new user finishes press the Back button
  17. From the menu Add User To Database, choose the name of the database that you created and the username and then press the Add button
  18. A page will open up where you can select rights for this user on this database. For installation of Joomla you need to choose ALL PRIVILEGES by selecting the box before the inscription and then click Make changes
  19. After all this you can start the actual installation of Joomla
  20. Open the website address/folder where you unzipped joomla. For example - and if everything is ok you should see a page of the installer of Joomla

If however the procedure for installation of Joomla is difficult for you, you can use either of the two installer scripts from the control panel – Fantastico or Softaculous to install Joomla with 1-click.

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