How to install Wordpress

1. Download Wordpress from Wordpress web site.

2. Unzip the downloaded archive of WordPress

3. In the web hosting control panel (cPanel), create MySQL database and user who has all rights in this database

4. Rename the file named wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php

5. Open the file wp-config.php and fill the information required to link the Wordpress to database

6. Upload all files from the unzipped Wordpress into your hosting account

7. Open in the browser

a) If you have put the Wordpress files in the root folder of your domain, go to:

b) However if you have put Wordpress in a subdirectory, for example blog, than go to:

c) In phpMyAdmin, using the control panel (cPanel), change the collocation of the MySQL to utf-8_general_ci

8. Follow the instructions that Wordpress installer gives you

9. After successful installation delete the unnecessary files that are located in the wp-admin directory (install.php and upgrade.php files)

If however the procedure for installation of WordPress is difficult for you, you can use either of the two installer scripts from the control panel – Fantastico or Softaculous to install WordPress with 1-click.

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