How to manage Contacts in Joomla?

  1. First select components menu item from the Joomla hosting menu bar.
  2. Mouse over Contacts and then across and down to Categories.
  3. Create a new contact category by clicking on the New button.
  4. Enter a title for the new Category. Click the Title field and type.
  5. Enter a description.
  6. Now scroll up to click Save and Close button.
  7. Select Contacts menu link.
  8. Let’s create a new Contact by clicking the New button.
  9. Select the Name field by clicking, then enter a name for the contact.
  10. Then select a category for the contact.
  11. Scroll down to enter additional information about this contact.
  12. Scroll up and to the rights to enter Contact Details. Click on the Contact Details item to access the fields.
  13. To display the new contact, create a new menu item called contacts.
  14. Select Menus, down to Top, and then Add New Menu item.
  15. To select a Menu Item type, click on the Select button.
  16. Select the Single Contact menu item type under contacts.
  17. Select your contact and then click Save and Close.

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