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People have a perception that buying a domain name is a difficult tax. This is not the case once you follow the steps highlighted herein. Most domain name registrars accept payments through peer to peer transfers thus you can buy a domain name with Darkcoin. This has been made possible by the ever changing technological trends across the globe.


Your domain name should be short so that your clients can easily remember it but ensure that it covers the subject matter it is intended for. The name should also be easy to pronounce to avoid misspells. Avoid using characters that may confuse your clients such as an underscore or hyphen. You are advised to have at least three domain name options to choose from.


We recommend that before you buy a domain name with Darkcoin ensure that you search for the availability of your preferred domain. After which you can find a reputable hosting company for your site. There are several web registrars but it is best that you look through customer reviews before settling on one.  If all your name options have been taken, the registrar will offer you suggestions to pick from.


After you have selected a name which best suits the business you run you will have to choose a payment plan. Depending on your budget you can decide on between 1-10 years. Keep in mind that a domain name that has is registered for a high number of years will be given high priority by search engines. You will then be billed depending on the number of years you choose to have the domain name registered.


Your web registrar will have to create you a personal domain account before you can buy a domain name with Darkcoin. The information in this account will be used to develop a whols register.


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