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Before getting a domain name you need to know what you intend to use the domain for. Being a name you are going to use as an identity for your business you need to choose a name that your clients will easily identify with and remember. Do you know you can buy a domain name with paxum? You need not to worry of how you will pay for your selected domain name as paxum makes it easier and faster.


When selecting a domain name you should consider the extension to use. The three top rated extensions are; .com, .org and .net. At the beginning of the internet ear these extensions were used for commercial intent, non-profit organizations and websites inclined to networks and computers respectively. However, several other extensions have come up. You may consider an EMD domain which means your selected domain name exactly matches the business name.


There are several domain name registrars whom you can buy a domain name with paxum. Before making a purchase you need to make considerations on the price; it is advisable that you do not take the domains with many add-ons.


If you are looking to save on costs it is not advisable that you buy a domain name with paxum from a hosting company. Most hosting company domains are always way expensive. Domain names come in handy in situations where you have no business card with you and you need to give out your contacts, you would just tell the enquirer to search your domain.


Once you buy a domain name with paxum you will not be stressed about your annual renewal as the deductions will be made directly from your account.  Once you have a domain name you will have to share it with customers to increase traffic to your site and convert them to clients.


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