Activate AWStats In cPanel

AWStats is a powerful statistics program and one important utility in your cPanel web hosting account. You can analize your traffic and visitors coming to your web site with AWStats. The statistics is coming totally free with cPanel web hosting accounts. Many web hosting providers make it a paid option as it is taking some server resources to run. Other web hosting services like VPS hosting or dedicated Servers have it by default as you are the owner and root there. To activate AWStats in your web hosting account follow the procedure:

1. Log in to your cPanel web hosting control panel with your username and password
2. Search for an icon with sign "Choose Log Programs" under "Logs" section and click it
3. You will see an option "AWStats" option beside every domain you have hosted and select it click on the box
4. Go back to the previous screen and you will see the "AWStats" logo now and click on it to start using it

Note: Depends on the server stats crontab settings sometimes will take more time until the completion of the logs cycle and they appear under AWStats under your cPanel web hosting panel.

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