.ES Domain Name Requirements

Contact details related rules

  • .ES domain names use an independent Contact database in the system. Contacts for .ES domain names are listed under .ES Contact.

    The following list displays the various types of .ES Contacts listed in our system and how they are displayed in the Whois of .ES domain names:

    .ES Contact Type displayed in the System

    .ES Contact Type displayed in the Whois









  • Contact Details addition is restricted in the following ways:

    • For Registrant Contact:

      • The Registrant Contact of a .ES domain name may either be a natural person/individual or a company.

      • You may neither modify through our system any Contact Details nor select another Contact as the Registrant Contact, of a registered .ES domain name.


        If you wish to transfer the ownership of a .ES domain name to another entity, you need to contact the .ES Registry. Once a request has been submitted at the Registry, you need to inform our Support Team. This will enable us to track the request and update our database accordingly.

        Additional Information

        Process of transferring the ownership of a .ES domain name

    • For Other Contacts:

      • The Admin, Technical and Billing Contacts must be natural persons/individuals only.

      • You may not modify any Contact Details. However, you may add another .ES Contact and select the same as either the Admin, Technical or Billing Contact.

    • Common: While adding a .ES Contact, you need to provide the following additional information:

      • Type of Entity: Depending upon whether you plan to use this contact as a Registrant or as any other contact, you need to select one of the following:

        • Natural person or individual

        • Economic Interest Grouping

        • Association

        • Sports Association

        • Trade Association

        • Savings Bank

        • Community Property

        • Condominium

        • Religious Order or Institution

        • Consulate

        • Public Law Association

        • Embassy

        • Municipality

        • Sports Federation

        • Foundation

        • Mutual Insurance Company

        • Provincial Government Body

        • National Government Body

        • Political Party

        • Trade Union

        • Farm Partnership

        • Public Limited Company / Corporation

        • Sports Public Limited Company

        • Partnership

        • General Partnership

        • Limited Partnership

        • Cooperative

        • Worker-owned Company

        • Limited Liability Company

        • Spanish (company) Branch

        • Temporary Consortium / Joint Venture

        • Worker-owned Limited Company

        • Provincial Government Entity

        • National Government Entity

        • Local Government Entity

        • Others

        • Designation of Origin Regulatory Council

        • Natural Area Management Entity

      • Type of Identification: You may choose to provide us any of the following identification details:

        • DNI or NIF: Select this option if you can provide us either your Spanish National Personal ID or your company VAT ID number.

        • NIE: Select this option if you can provide us your Spanish resident alien ID number.

        • Other ID: Select this option if you do not have any of the above mentioned IDs but can provide either your Passport number, any Foreign ID document number, Company Registration number, Driver’s License number, etc.

      • Identification Number: Depending upon the option you selected above, you need to provide that ID's number here.

  • Accented character usage is supported in the following fields in .ES Contacts:

    • Name

    • Company Name

    • Address

    • City

    • State


      All UTF-8 characters are supported in the above-mentioned fields.

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