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Web hosting and Web Money Transfer

Anyone can be a web host. All you need is a computer; internet connection and storage i.e. disk space. Unfortunately, when your computer turns off the website goes down. This can have monetary losses, especially for an eCommerce website. The web host has servers which are basically computers that are never turned off. The percentage of time the hosting server remains running in a year is called uptime. Apart from that, they also protect your website data from hackers. These services, provided by a web host are called web hosting services. The host charges a small monthly fee for these services.

Web Money Payment System

Web money Transfer is an online payment system that allows the user to transact online. Subscribers are offered services that allow them to manage their property rights to valuables that are kept safe by web money guarantors.  Property rights to relevant valuables are measured on the web money unit (WM). To carry transactions, subscribers provide identification (WMID) which is verified by the Wm certification distributed service. Anyone can open Wm purse with the various guarantors.

Web hosting with web money

Web hosting with web money
involves placing a web hosting order, go to the payment page and select web money then follow instructions to complete the transaction. Web hosting with web money is very easy and your hosting service is activated immediately.


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