How to prevent new user registration in Joomla?

To prevent new user registration in Joomla, here are the steps given:

  1. First, login to your Joomla hosting admin panel.
  2. Select the Users menu option.
  3. Now down to User Manager and click.
  4. Now let’s scroll right.
  5. Next click on the Options button. Here you can change settings relating to user registrations.
  6. Click No for the New User Registration field.
  7. Select the New User Registration Group dropdown list and select a user group as the default registered user group.
  8. Leave the registration group as Registered.
  9. With the New User Account Activation Set as Self, users will receive an activation email to complete their registration process.
  10. You can optionally choose to be notified by changing the Notification mail to Administrations to yes.
  11. After choosing all of the user registration settings, click the Save and Close button.

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