How to add an event calendar in Joomla?

  1. Login to Joomla hosting admin panel and click on Extension menu and then Extension Manager.
  2. Click browse and add component to install and then click Upload and Install button.
  3. Click continue button to complete the installation.
  4. Then make changes to the component configuration as required.
  5. Click Save and Close button after you are done.
  6. Select Manage Categories item.
  7. Select the New button and enter a title for the new Category.
  8. Make Access public and then put a good description.
  9. Scroll up to Save and Close.
  10. Go back to the Control Panel for this component and click Manage Events icon.
  11. Click on New Button. Click on subject and enter a new subject in the field.
  12. Choose category and scroll down to add Activity information.
  13. Enter star and end dates and times for the event.
  14. Click Save and Close.


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