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Having a dedicated server for a website is an option all businesses should consider at some point in their lifetime. With a dedicated server you will be able to monitor traffic to your site easily. It also gives you full control of the site. There exist a number of providers whom you can buy a dedicated server with paxum from. With a dedicated server you have the liberty to install whatever software you want thus giving you greater flexibility. You will however have to create a data center to house your dedicated server; this makes it easier for your service provider to monitor and be able to access the server.


In your quest to buy a dedicated server with paxum you will have the option to choose between a managed dedicated server and an unmanaged dedicated server.  An unmanaged sever leaves you the purchaser with all the management duties; updating the software, operate system restores, installing software monitor security and conducting all the maintenance services. The provider only repairs hardware problems, trouble shoot the system and monitoring the network. A managed dedicated server on the other hand is maintained and monitored partly by the service provider. The service provider installs and updates the software in a managed dedicated server. The provider monitors the network and undertakes all the hardware replacements.   


 Before you buy a dedicated server with paxum it is prudent that youconsider the following options; bandwidth, space, operating system and hardware options available. There are a myriad of operating systems for you to pick from and they should be chosen based on the functions to be performed by the server and the software you will install. You also need to ascertain the bandwidth you will require, this can however be adjusted from time to time. Your hardware options will be greatly influenced by your hard disk size, memory size and fire wall options.


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